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Harness Gear Website Design & Development

A successful case of interactive and captivating website design earning client satisfaction.

Project Brief

Harness Gear Equip is a producer and marketer of harnessing gears and equipment used for multiple industries. With the increasing demand for their products, the company decided to have an online presence about their products showcase and interact with a larger customer base. The company approached us for our Website Development Services, asking for a modern-day website design.

Client: Harness Digital

Categories: Web Application

Project Requirements

Sketch Art team worked closely with the client to enquire about their needs and objectives. Based on regular meetings and requirements analysis, we proposed them with some sample and custom-designed web themes.

What We Delivered

As part of our website design and development services, our experts created multiple themes based on client’s requirements, brand guidelines, and other such elements. Incorporating the latest UI/UX design services, the professional team used Figma, an advanced platform where teams can collaborate and create interactive custom designs reflecting the requirements.

Our team also ensured that the website design caters to search engine optimization (SEO) and provides a seamless user experience.


The client was extremely satisfied with all the themes we sent. Choosing one, the client even hired us for further website development services. With all optimization factors included, the client’s product site got more traffic. The company was able to effectively display their products which resulted in sales increase.

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