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The Art of Digital Ownership

Going beyond the traditional arts to creating unique NFTs for our clients to own.

Project Brief

VRDa1 is a marketing and business management company that primarily focuses on real estate and construction projects. They approached us with a unique project - designing video NFTs that would accurately represent their property projects and depict their assets in an innovative and engaging way.

Client: VRDa1

Category: NFT Art

What We Did

To begin the project, Sketch Art team conducted extensive research on VRDa1's brand identity and values, as well as their target audience and competitors. We developed a design strategy that would create stunning video NFTs that accurately represent VRDa1's property projects. We worked closely with the VRDa1 team to understand their vision for the project and incorporate their feedback into our designs.


Our team of creative experts used the latest technology and design tools to create unique and engaging video NFTs that showcase VRDa1's assets. We incorporated high-quality visuals, sound effects, and music to create an immersive experience for viewers. The video NFTs captured the essence of their property projects, creating a sense of exclusivity and value for their clients. We ensured that the video NFTs were optimized for the blockchain platform and integrated seamlessly with the VRDa1 ecosystem.


The video NFTs were visually stunning and created a sense of exclusivity for VRDa1's clients. The NFTs were integrated into VRDa1's marketing campaigns, which helped to increase traffic to their website and generate buzz around their brand in the blockchain and metaverse community. The video NFTs were also widely shared on social media, which helped to raise brand awareness and attract new customers. Overall, the NFTs helped to showcase VRDa1's property projects in an innovative and engaging way, creating a unique selling point for the company, distinguishing them from their competitors.

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