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Mobile UI/UX Design Case

A comprehensive case of mobile app design as part of our UI/UX design services successfully delivered.

Project Brief

A client approached us for our UI-UX design service. They needed a UI design for their mobile application titled ‘Relations’. The requirement was to create this contact management app that allowed users to create and manage all their contacts in one place while having them securely saved on Cloud. This would make it easier for the users to switch to a new device or find their contact online from anywhere.

Client: Relations

Categories: Application

What We Delivered

Working closely with the client and understanding their requirement, our design team used Figma user interface design tool. They created an interactive prototype design which included showcasing functionality features as login credentials, contact categorization and adding multiple fields for contact management. The design also displayed utility buttons such as ‘Contacts’, ‘Favorites’, ‘Download’, and ‘Settings’ to enhance user experience.

To ensure that we meet what the client required, our team followed a rigorous process with constant feedbacks and iterations. Client’s feedback was incorporated in every stage so that the final product was in line with their vision.

In addition to the required functionalities we also used certain elements to enhance user experience like transitions and animations. This made the prototype visually appealing and fun to use.


Sketch Art interactive UI design helped the client to experience how the app would actually work and how the screens would function. Such actions proved well enough to save their time and costs that might have incurred in the app development phase. The client was satisfied in the end as we exceeded their expectations.

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