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Logo Design for Milpow Energy

Showcasing our corporate identity services, we designed a creative logo and profile for Milpow Energy Solutions.

Project Brief

Milpow Energy Solutions produce biogas fuels as part of natural energy project. They required branding of their business starting with a logo and company profile. We approached them with detailed proposal and consultation on corporate identity.

Client: Milpow Energy

Categories: Logo Design


Our creative team made an eye-catching logo for their company including the slogan written under the logo. It was designed with tools such as Adobe Illustrator. During this process, we also sent them multiple pre-design layouts to choose, so that our design team could work on their demands and needs.

Then we moved on the company profile section. Using the elements of the approved logo, our team produced a visual heaven of a profile which got the client’s seal of approval in one go.

With such creative work, Sketch Art also provided corporate branding consultation to the client on how to use their logo elements, designing their stationary, etc.


Our team gave the phenomenal execution by satisfying their needs and working closely, giving our full input in every minor and major details. The client was very pleased when we delivered the project to them as their effort and time were not wasted.


The end result was a set of designs that perfectly reflected Milpow brand identity and values. The website was sleek, modern, and functional, showcasing the company's cutting-edge technologies in a visually stunning way. The digital artworks and branding materials were cohesive and memorable, making a lasting impression on their audience. Milpow was extremely happy with the outcome of the project and the designs we delivered.

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