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Mighty Branding

A glimpse at a short but cool project we handled with our corporate identity services.

Project Brief

Mighty Meat Trading is a meat trading company based in Dubai, looking to establish a strong corporate brand identity. They were seeking a design team that could help them create a brand book, business cards, merchandise design, and brand identity that would align with their values and vision.

Client: Mighty Meat Trading

Category: Branding

What We Delivered

To create designs that would help Mighty Meat Trading establish a strong corporate identity, we started by diving deep into understanding their brand identity and values. We conducted extensive research on their products and services, target audience, competitors, and industry trends.

Based on our research, we developed a design strategy that would highlight Mighty Meat Trading's unique selling points and differentiate them from their competitors. We created a brand book that served as a guide for the brand's visual identity, including logo, typography, colors, and imagery. We also designed business cards and merchandise that aligned with the brand's visual identity, ensuring a consistent and memorable brand experience for their customers.


Sketch Art closely with the Mighty Meat Trading team throughout the design process, gathering feedback and incorporating it into our designs. We also conducted multiple rounds of revisions and testing to ensure that the final product met their expectations and reflected their brand identity.


The end result was a powerful and cohesive brand identity that helped Mighty Meat Trading stand out in their industry. The brand book served as a guide for the brand's visual identity, while the business cards and merchandise design reflected the brand's unique personality. Mighty Meat Trading was thrilled with the outcome of the project, and we were proud to have helped them establish a strong brand presence.

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