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Creating Magic With Movement

We bring brand ideas to life with our captivating 2D video animations and storytelling.

Project Brief

Our client, a cleaning company with online booking, approached us to create a 2D Animation video that describes their cleaning operations. The client wanted the video to showcase how their cleaning service works, highlighting their unique selling points such as the use of provided access to the house even if the owner isn't home, without any risk of theft or robbery. The video also promoted their online booking system, making it clear and easy to understand for potential customers.

Client: Cleaning Company

Category: 2D Animation

Our Execution Process

To execute this project, we followed a systematic process that involved several stages:

  • Consultation: We held a meeting with the client to discuss their needs and objectives for the video. During this stage, we took note of the client's preferences, target audience, and key messaging.
  • Concept Development: Based on the client's brief, we brainstormed ideas and created a storyboard that outlined the scenes and animation style for the video. We ensured that the storyboard conveyed the key messaging and promoted the client's online booking system.
  • Animation Production: Once the client approved the storyboard, we proceeded to animate the video. We used Adobe After Effects to create the animation and included sound effects and background music to enhance the overall experience.
  • Revisions: We presented the initial draft of the video to the client for feedback. Based on their feedback, we made the necessary revisions to the animation until it met the client's expectations.


Sketch Art successfully created a 2D animation video that described the client's cleaning operations and promoted their online booking system. The video used engaging visuals and sound effects to showcase the cleaning process, highlighting the client's unique selling points such as the use of provided access and security measures. The animation was clear and easy to understand, making it a powerful marketing tool for the client. The client was pleased with the end result and reported an increase in bookings after using the video on their website and social media platforms.

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